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Psion OMNII XT15

The Omnii XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design – combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change.

The Ultimate Handheld for Supply Chain Logistics

The Omnii XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design – combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change.

As the next evolution of the Omnii™ platform, the Omnii™ XT15 takes the best features of the Omnii™ XT10 and adds new functionality to create a device that gives mobile workers the greatest access to business applications – anytime, anywhere.

With its certified IP67 and IP65 rating, the Omnii™ XT15 is also the most rugged handheld device Psion has ever made – delivering reliable performance and unparalleled adaptability for the most demanding of environments and applications.


• Customer IT or VAR serviceable

• Maximum `last step` configurability

• Keypads*, endcaps, pods swappable


• Texas Instruments® AM3715 Sitara ARM Processor 800 MHz

• 256 MB RAM (512 MB Option)

• 1 GB Flash ROM

Operating System

• Windows® CE 6.0

• Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5

Application Software

Windows® CE 6.0:

• Internet Explorer Embedded

• Microsoft WordPad

Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5:

• Windows® Office Mobile 2010, includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote & SharePoint

• Internet Explorer Mobile

• Windows Office Outlook Mobile

• Windows Media Player Mobile

Terminal Emulation:

• Open TekTerm 

• Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation

• Naurtech Browser

• Naurtech Terminal Emulation

Mobile VPN:

• NetMotion Mobility XE VPN

Device Management - Mobile Control Center (MCC):

• Easy configuration management and provisioning platform

• Powerful remote control and troubleshooting functionality

• Real-time tracking of mobile assets, including geofancing and breadcrumbing

• Advanced device security, user authentication and lockdown features.

Voice Applications:

• Walkie-talkie style Push-to-Talk – VoIP over WiFi or WWAN

Software Utilities:

• PsionVU

• Total Recall / TweakIt / Dr. Debug

Wireless Communications

• Integrated Bluetooth® V2.0 + EDR 

• On-board IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (CCX V4 Compliant) radio:

• Security: 802.1X, WPA / WPA2-Enterprise

• Authentication: FAST-MSCHAPv2; LEAP; PEAPv0-MSCHAPv2; PEAPv1-GTC; TLS

• Encryption: 64/128 WEP, AES-CCMP, TKIP

• Optional SIRF III GPS Receiver

• Optional 2.5G GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio

• Quad-Band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

• Optional UMTS 3.8G HSPA+ radio

• Five Band UMTS: 800/850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz

• Quad-Band GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

Barcode Scanner Options

• Motorola SE955 Std Range Laser

• Motorola SE1224HP 1D Std Range Laser

• Motorola SE1524ER Auto-Range Laser

• Honeywell 5080 2D Std Range Imager

• Intermec EV15 1D Std Range Imager

• Intermec EA11 2D Std Range Imager

• Intermec EA20X 2D High Performance Imager

• All scanners come with multi-color LED indicators

• Vibration feedback for noisy & sunny environments

Voice & Audio & Feedback

• Integrated microphone & speaker

• High volume 95dBA beeper

• Optional Push-to-Talk speaker

• Vibration feedback

Expansion Ports

• Micro SD slot for FLASH expansion (up to 32GB)

• Multiple Internal Multi-Function Expansion Interfaces with:

   • TTL serial

   • USB host

   • GPIO

Power Management

• 5000 mAh high capacity Lithium Ion smart battery


• 3.7" VGA (640 x 480) Transflective Color/Touch Display

• 2 Touchscreen options:

   • High Visibility option offers superior sunlight visibility with 165 cd/m2 brightness.

   • Extreme Duty option is designed for rugged environments with improved impact resistance (1.25 Joule impact), better abrasion resistance, superior low temperature operation (to -20°C / -4°F), with 160 cd/m2 brightness.


• 59 Key Full Alpha Numeric 6 Fn keys 

*Oracle version available 

• 55 Key Alpha Numeric, phone keys   

• 66 Key QWERTY Numeric 6 Fn key, Phone keys

*Oracle version available 

• 36 Key Numeric 12 Fn keys

• 36 Key Numeric Alpha Modified 12 Fn keys 

• 34 Key Numeric 12 Fn keys

• High reliability keypad ultra-white backlight

Camera (Optional)

• Color, 3 Mega pixel, autofocus, 4X digital zoom, Dual LED flash, video capable 

• Configurable with pistol grip

Ergonomics, Dimensions & Weight

• Length: 225mm (8.86in)

• Width: 98mm (3.86in)

• Depth:

   • At display: 44mm (1.73in)

   • At grip area: 31mm (1.22in)

• Weight: 

• Basic unit with battery: 610g (1.34lb)


• Operating temp:  -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)

• Storage temp:  -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)

• Humidity:  5% to 95% non-condensing

• Rain/Dust:  IP67, IP65, IEC 60529

• Drop rating:  multiple 2.0m (6.5ft) drops to polished concrete, 1.7m (5.6ft), 26 drops to polished concrete (powered with options & accessories)

• ESD:  +/- 8kV contact, +/- 15kV air discharge

Charging Accessories

• Optional Desktop Docking Station configurations:

   • USB host and USB device

   • USB host, USB device, Ethernet and RS232

• Quad Docking Station (with 100BaseT Ethernet – daisy chainable)

• Multiple Snap Modules connect onto Omnii`s base supporting:

   • Active sync

   • Fast charging via AC wall outlet 

   • Fast charging via vehicle power outlet adapter 

   • Fast charging & RS232 connection and power for tethered scanner 

• Vehicle Power Outlet Adapter

• 6-Slot Spare Battery Charger

Vehicle Cradle Accessories

• Base un-powered cradle (one hand latch & release)

• 12 - 24VDC powered cradle 

• Multiple adapter cables available (Example:  One DE9 RS232 Serial, Two USB 1.1 host)

• Pre-regulator module (for 24 to 72V forklift trucks)

• Cradle Shock and Vibration:  IEC Classification 5M2.

Carrying Accessories

• Optional bolt-on Pistol Grip

• Forklift Holster

• Hand strap, wrist strap, hard and soft shell holsters, protective carrying cases, rubber boots

Regulatory Approvals

• Worldwide Safety, EMC, RF, Laser approvals

• CE Mark

• E Mark (vehicle cradles)

• RoHS compliant

• WEEE compliant

• REACH compliant

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