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Motorola Zebra ET1

Motorola’s ET 1 Enterprise Tablet stands out in the marketplace, with ingredients that make it truly enterprise ready. Its Android operating system is fortified with features that deliver enterprise-class security, flexibility and manageability.

Consumer styling with real business durability.

On the outside, the ET 1 is every bit as elegant as today’s most popular tablets. Yet the ET 1 is built for everyday use, able to handle drops, spills, chilly winter temperatures, extreme heat and more. And since the display is built with ultra-strong Gorilla® Glass, it is virtually impervious to damage, able to flex when dropped without shattering or scratching.

Secure your data — period. 

Whether your data resides on the internal drive or on removable media, it is encrypted, safe from hackers. So you can easily secure sensitive information, such as credit card data and patient information, to help comply with industry and government regulations.

Built for multiple users with feature-level control.

No matter how many workers use a device throughout the day, with multi-user log-on, each worker is automatically granted access to their own personalized workspace — the right applications and device features. And since managers know who is using the device at any time, task management is easier.

Add the features you need — when you need them.

With an expansion port and Bluetooth, you can add peripherals to meet changing business needs, from scanners

for easy inventory takes to magnetic stripe readers forpayment processing.

Work uninterrupted — power up and stay up.

While most tablets in the industry only offer rechargeable batteries, the ET 1 adds a removable battery that users can swap on the fly, preventing loss of data — and productivity.

Easily build applications that run on the ET1 and your other Motorola mobile computers.

The more operating systems you have, the more complex and expensive application development and maintenance can be. But with Motorola’s RhoElements, you can easily create a single application that looks, feels and acts the same on Motorola mobile computers, regardless of whether it is built on the Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating system. Since you no longer need to create and maintain separate applications for each operating system, you can choose the right device for each worker — without increasing application development and support costs.

Easily manage your devices — from anywhere.

Whether you have one location or locations all around the world, Motorola’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP ) allows you to remotely stage, update, monitor and troubleshoot your Motorola mobile computers, driving the single largest mobility cost to an all-time low — everyday management.

Protect your investment from the unexpected

Unexpected repair costs can substantially increase the cost of your mobility solution. But with Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage, you get true business-class support for your tablet. This all-inclusive service covers normal wear and tear, internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage for both device and select accessories and operating system issues keeping the ET 1 up, running and in the hands of your users.

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions 5.14 in. H x 0.98 in. D x 8.82 in. W

130.5 mm H x 25.0 mm D x 224.0 mm W

Weight 1.4 lbs./.63 kg

Display 7 in. capacitive; 1024 x 600; 350 NIT ; Corning®

Gorilla® Glass

Touchpanel Capacitive multi-touch

Backlight Ambient light sensor

Keypad Options Virtual; Bluetooth®

Expansion Capabilities User accessible Micro SDHC card slot (up to 32GB); expansion module port

Expansion Modules Integrated expansion port for ‘snap-in’ peripherals for Motorola and third party peripherals

Connectivity Two USB interfaces: 1 USB 2.0 OTG connector (docking connector) and 1 USB 2.0 Host connector (expansion module port); HDMI out; communication via cradle and expansion ports; USB 2.0 host via expansion module

Notification LE D flash; bar code decode

Audio Stereo speakers and dual microphones (one front and one rear-facing)


Performance Characteristics

CPU Dual core 1GHz each plus graphics accelerator

Operating System Android 2.3.4 enhanced with enterprise functionality

Memory 1GB RA M,4GB Flash plus 4GB microSD (total of 8GB flash memory); user accessible microSD card slot (supports up to 32GB)


User Environment

Operating Temp. 32° F to 122° F/0° C to 50° C

Storage Temp. -4° F to 158° F/-20° C to 70° C

Drop Specification Multiple 4 ft./1.2 m drop per MIL ST D 810G

Sealing IP 54

Vibration 4Gs peak, 5Hz to 2kHz, 1 hour duration per axis

Thermal Shock -4° F to 158° F/-20° C to 70° C rapid transition

ES D 15kv Air, 8kv contact, 2kv charge body

Humidity 10% to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Development Tools Motorola RhoElements for cross platform applications

Management Tools Motorola Mobility Services Platform (MSP )



Battery 4620 mAh rechargeable Smart Li-Ion; user replaceable; rapid resume

Battery User Profile Ample power for a full shift


Data Capture

Rear Camera For bar code scanning and image capture: 8MP auto-focus camera with user controllable LE D flash, illumination and aiming; captures 1D and 2D bar codes, photographs, video, signatures and documents

Front Camera Optimized for video collaboration and low lighting conditions

Video 720p video

Readability 9,000 ft. candles



WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n

WPAN Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR; integrated antenna

GPS Autonomous GPS



Gyroscope Maintains orientation based on principles of conservation of angular momentum

Motion Sensor 3-axis accelerometer that enables motionsensing applications for dynamic screen orientation and power management

Ambient Light Sensor Automatically adjusts display brightness,keypad and display backlight

Electronic Compass Independent — does not depend on GPS


peripherals and access ories

Accessories include: 1-slot docking USB charge cradle; 4-slot docking

cradle charge only; 4-slot battery charger; power supply; USB /charge

cable; 2-way DC cable; hand strap; headset; AC line cord; DC cable;

battery; customizable bezel

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