Tüm Barkod İhtiyaçlarınız için Hemen Arayabilirsiniz:

AP 6521 Wireless Access Point

Versatile access point with the cost-efficiency of a single radio.

AP 6522 Dual Radio 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Access Point

The AP 6522 is a site-survivable 802.11n access point that supports the most demanding applications, video and voice.

AP 6532 Wireless Access Point

Get high quality access and mobility with this performance-focused 802.11n access point.

AP 7131 Wireless Access Point

The tri-radio 802.11a/b/g/n AP-7131 offers an unparalleled combination of features that re-define the standard for access points.

AP 7161 Outdoor 802.11n Mesh Access Point

High performance, rugged 802.11n mesh access point for harsh outdoor environments.

AP 8132 Modular 802.11n Access Point

The AP 8132’s modular architecture is the ideal future-ready platform for deploying applications.

NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller

Designed to scale your wireless WAN efficiently and ensure you can meet growing network demand.

RFS 4000 802.11n Integrated Services Controller

The RFS4000 delivers high-performance, comprehensive, cost-effective and secure wireless and wired networking services. It offers dual band access concurrent with Mesh services.

RFS 6000 Wireless LAN Switch

Wireless LAN switching and voice communications platform for medium to large enterprises.

RFS 7000 Wireless RF Switch

Designed for large scale, high bandwidth deployments, the RFS7000 provides robust, highly scalable support for enterprise mobility.