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Intermec PB42

The PB42, Intermec`s four-inch wireless mobile receipt printer supports prompt payments and eliminates duplicate billing by providing receipts immediately for direct store delivery (DSD), Field Service, and Home Utility customers. Daily route activities are easily entered and tracked via a mobile computer that seamlessly interfaces with the PB42.


  • Intermec Designed & Manufactured
  • Dual high capacity Lithium Ion batteries
  • Intermec SmartSystems™ Device Management
  • Serial, USB and Bluetooth® Class 1 Interfaces
  • Frontloading batteries
  • Flexibility to use roll or fanfold receipt paper
  • High visibility buttons and indicators
  • International logos facilitate global use
  • Simple paper installation
  • Operates in temperatures as low as -20° C


Product Overview

Intermec’s PB42* four inch wireless portable receipt printer is designed to improve direct store delivery (DSD), Field Service, and Home Utility applications. The PB42 printer interfaces seamlessly with the CK60 and 700 Intermec handheld computers. Daily route activities are easily entered and tracked via a mobile computer throughout a workers shift. Receipts are immediately provided to the customer for prompt payment or to eliminate duplicate billing efforts.

Easy to Use

The unique Intermec design of the PB42 portable receipt printer ensures ease of use. This is very important for delivery drivers who negotiate routes with multiple stops and rugged conditions. Special design features include sharing of battery design with the CK60 mobile computer, simple receipt paper installation, high visibility buttons and indicators to show when the printer is within radio range or when the lithium ion batteries are getting low. Charge up to four printers at once with the unique four bay charger. Printers “drop-in” and charge from hinge pins; no charge cable required. Frontloading batteries that can be removed with just one hand. Lexan® media windows conveniently show media status. Standard belt clip & hand strap also add to the convenience of operation.

The Intermec Ready-to-Work Indicator is integrated into the PB42 printer. This is part of the Intermec SmartSystems™ and provides a visual cue to the operating state of the printer.

International Appeal

Intermec’s PB42 mobile receipt printer is ideal for use worldwide. The PB42 printer features widely recognized international logo indicators on the buttons, multiple language character sets, and worldwide certifications. The PB42 printer is ideal for streamlining processes and route deliveries in DSD, field service, and home utility industries worldwide.


Operating Temperature:
-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
-30°C to 70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Battery Charging:
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
10% to 90% non-condensing

Physical Characteristics

3.1 inches (7.87 cm)
7.1 inches (18.03 cm)
6.62 inches (16.82 cm)
3.0 lb (1.36 kg) w/ 2 battery packs and full roll receipt paper
Drop Test:
4 ft to concrete


12 V ± 5%.
AC Adapter:
50 Watt
Rechargeble Li-ion Battery:
7.2V, 2.4A-H. Each printer ships standard with two batteries (batteries do not ship with vehicle mount option).

Print Specifications

Max Print Width:
4.1 inch (104 mm)
Element Size:
0.0049 inch (0.125mm)
Minimum Graphical Element:
0.010 inch (0.254 mm)

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