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Intermec 6822

Available in mobile or fixed-mount configurations, the Intermec 6822 printer creates high-quality customer receipts, invoices, load reports, transfers and other route accounting documents. Optional Bluetooth holders for Intermec CN3, CK61 or 700 Series handhelds enable wireless printing.


  • Choice of portable or fixed-mount configurations
  • Wireless printing via optional Bluetooth holder for portable and fixed-mount configurations
  • Easy loading of up to 3-ply paper from internal or external paper trays
  • 512k flash memory can store DBCS fonts such as Korean and Chinese
  • Optional HHC holders and docks for Intermec CN3, 700 and CK61 Series mobile computers
  • Fast two-page-per-minute print time helps get the work done fast


Product Overview

The Intermec® 6822 printer produces high-quality customer invoices, receipts, load reports, transfers and other documents for route accounting applications. The real time accounting structure provided by the 6822 printer and Intermec handheld computers facilitates route delivery settlement and ensures customer information is always current.

Customers have the choice of portable or fixed-mount configurations depending on mobility requirements.


The Intermec 6822 printer provides flexibility and mobility. It features a handle for easy carrying and a compact tray which holds enough paper for an entire day. A seat-mount strap is available to secure the printer in vehicles with bench seats. An optional, soft-sided carrying case provides a sealed compartment inside the case cover for storage of invoices.

Fixed Mount

The fixed mount model is ideal for applications where mounting the printer in a vehicle is preferred. The mobile computer holder can be mounted either to the side of the printer or remote from the printer, whichever is most convenient. Although the printer is safely mounted to the vehicle, a quick release feature allows one-step removal of the printer for swapping from one vehicle to another.


Operating Temperature:
DC: -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)
AC: -20° to 45°C (-4° to 113°F)
Storage Temperature:
-30° to 70°C (-22° to 158°F)

Physical Characteristics

38.1cm (15”)
41.9cm (16.5”)
5.67kg (12.25 lbs.)
13cm (5.13”)


Low amperage draw; protection from voltage irregularities
Lead Acid Battery:
12-volt standard cam-corder type. Full charge will
print dozens of tickets. Time to recharge is one hour.
AC Adapter:
115/230 volt

Print Specifications

Dot matrix, Bi-directional, Graphics capable
Print Speed:
2 pages per minute
Max Print Width:
(min / max): 7.5 inch/8.5 inch
Type Styles:
(char/line) Normal 80, Bold 40, Condensed 136, Bold condensed 68

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